How to Pick the Right Hair Color

haircolor trends
When you’re ready for a makeover, the right hair color can make all the difference. Changing your hair color at a hair salon or even accentuating your natural color can make your skin tone appear more even and says a lot about your personality. Whether you want to be seen as a professional yet fun and beautiful escort NYC, sultry or upbeat and fashion-forward, there are several color choices on trend for you to choose from.

The Dirty Brunette Look

If you don’t want to go blonde and still want to bring out the natural caramel or chocolate highlights of your brown hair, you may be interested in the dirty brunette trend. Your stylist will give you highlights that are most prominent in the middle and ends of your hair in dark blonde and smoky tones so you’ll still have that trendy summer glow well into the winter without having to darken your hair color.

Faded Pastel

hair color trendsPastel colors are on trend these days, and the faded pastel look is flattering on a variety of skin tones. The faded look provides a wash of color that isn’t as overwhelming as a pastel coloring job that is especially saturated. Shades of light blue work great for cooler skin tones, and shades of pastel pink are ideal for people with warmer skin tones. If you’re especially daring with your style, you may want to try a rose gold or light pink highlights that are nearly blonde. Or, you can ask your stylist to dye all your hair this color, leaving a little of your roots uncolored to stay on trend. Whether your undertones are warm or cool, you’ll likely look great with light purple tips or highlights, since the color is a combination of cool and light hues.


This color is both attention-getting and gentle on the eyes and looks great on a variety of skin tones. This beautiful shade of orange may not be appropriate for all workplaces, so be sure to use a rinse or dye stick so you can enjoy the temporary color on the weekends. Since your hair will likely be the main feature of your look, you can wear subtle makeup such as a nude lip or an eye shadow that brings out your natural skin tone to come across as both polished and edgy.