Various Hairstyles You Can Choose

hairstyle trends
Whether you want to grow your hair long or short or play with the texture of your hair, it’s important to know about the trends that are popular right now. Working with your stylist and having a consultation so you can explain your sense of style and get recommendations for the best styles for your hair type and face shape can be helpful. Here are some helpful suggestions for getting the trendiest haircut any escort in Long Island would dream of.

The Mermaid Shag

mermaid hairstyleThis wavy hairstyle is classic and carefree, and may remind you of the hairstyles from your favorite 70s or 80s rock bands with a fashion-forward flare. “Mermaid” hairstyles have been on trend for a while and are perfect for the spring and summer season. For this haircut, you should ask your stylist to cut your hair into layers that don’t frame your face. This will keep the style modern and make it easier for you to grow your hair out without going through the awkward “in between” stage. The layers also provide lots of texture that brings out the natural straight, wavy or curly characteristics of your hair.



Feathered Ends

You may be a fan of this hairstyle if you enjoy the easy, breezy fashion that is characteristic of fashion hubs like Los Angeles. For this trendy haircut, your strands aren’t in layers. The movement of the hair comes form the feathered ends, which give more texture and the fact that the hairstyle is shorter in the back to keep the hair from appearing too heavy. You can wear this style to the office or a night out with friends, and can play with the look by forming loose waves in the hair, wearing it sleek, or adding salt spray to make your hair look like you’ve just spent the day at the beach.

Full, Curly Locks

female hairstyles 2019If you’re a fan of the classic Motown style but want to get an updated version of this look, you’ll be right on trend with many of the women in Detroit, the home of Motown. Women in this part of the country are embracing the fullness of their curls and wearing styles that celebrate their texture. If you have naturally curly hair, , asking your stylist to cut your strands into layers or creating a defined bang will bring out your curls and waves while framing your face in a flattering way. Be sure to keep your curls well-conditioned and moisturized and ask your stylist for products that are specific for your hair type.