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The Ark

Performance Cronology

Ecce uovo, 2000

Storie del color della terra, 2001

Cocorí, 2002

L'incubo d' Obraztov,2002

Museo Ambulante degli esseri viventi, 2003

Quadri d'una esposizione,2004

Momenti d'oro di Alice, 2005

El Circo Flaco, 2006

L'Arca, 2008

Beati, 2010


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In 1874, the Russian composer MODEST PETROVIC MUSORSGKIJ composed the suite for pianoforte " PICTURES OF A EXPOSITION ", orchestrated in 1922, he gives it to Maurice Ravel. The work was inspired by a posthumous exhibition of a friend of the painter Viktor Hartmann, presents ten united pieces of the domineering topic of the Composition, the "Promenade".

The musical illustration of the paintings, bold and innovative, in its integral version, it is the conductive thread of our spectacle.

The pictures encourage itself, prominent figures go out of frame and take life to surprise and to accompany spectator along this sonorous dream.

We will find daily situations and magic beings, will enter in The Old Castle and we will see the great Door of Kiev ... in harmonious joining of emotions and poem, everything with the sound of the pianoforte which accompanying theatrical execution of the different pictures, it gives voice to every feeling and it breathes close to every marionette.



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