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Pictures of a exposition


The Ark

Performance Cronology

Ecce uovo, 2000

Storie del color della terra, 2001

Cocorí, 2002

L'incubo d' Obraztov,2002

Museo Ambulante degli esseri viventi, 2003

Quadri d'una esposizione,2004

Momenti d'oro di Alice, 2005

El Circo Flaco, 2006

L'Arca, 2008

Beati, 2010


Pictures of a exposition.

The pictures encourage itself, prominent figures go out of frame and take life to surprise and to accompany spectator along this sonorous dream....< enter >


The show narrates about five Beati’s (Blessed’s) vicissitudes: five stories of ordinary poverty, injustice and social unbalance. Short fragments of beings’s life that are looking for the essential, of which they are in absolute need...< enter >

Gold moments of Alice

Meet Alice and the curiosities of Wonderland as seen from a different pathway. Following the White Rabbit has very different implications... ....< enter >

The Ark

Five minutes box performance...< enter >

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