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The company "Brujerías de Papel"

Trentin Maria Teresa (Italy) and Salas Acosta Edwin* (Mexico – Costa Rica) meet and unify their own experiences and ideas in Mexico in 1998 with a tournée and workshops in native and poor areas of the land. Together in Italy, in the year 2000, they found the Cultural Association “Brujerias de Papel”, which operates in the field of the Theatre of Figure.

It offers animated shows and creative workshops. Each play represents that magical moment in which puppets and marionettes come to life following the fantastic path of incredible stories and lively atmospheres inspired by the south-American culture and tradition. The actors are fully exposed and take part to the emotions and adventures of the playing characters, which, although made of simple wood, have a soul and a well defined personality within the spirit born of the union of two worlds; which characterises and identifies the production of the Association.

In recent years the company has participated to numerous festival international and various reviews in Italy, Spain, France, Swiss, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Taiwan.

“Brujerias de Papel” can be translated as “Paper Witchcraft” just to enchant grown-ups and children, at each show or workshop.

*Becario del Programa de Creadores Escénicos 2009 del FONCA

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